Friday, April 1, 2011

Top 10 Celebrities Luxury Cars

For the celebrities who wallow material, buy a luxury car is not a difficult thing to do. Here is a list of celebrities with the most luxury cars starting from the sequence of 1-10 as reported by the celebrity lifestyle.

1. Jay Z 

Do you know how much money spent rapper Jay-Z to buy his dream car? U.S. $ 8 million or about USD 71.4 billion spent on Beyonce’s husband had to buy a Maybach Exelero. In fact, with that much money, you could build a palace. But for Jay-z, have a car that could run fast, expensive and luxurious is a pride.

2. Birdman 

Rapper, real name Bryan Williams is spending U.S. $ 2.5 million or approximately USD 22.3 billion just to buy a car. The owner of Cash Money Records record company chose a more expensive Bugatti Veyron from Bugatti’s Simon Cowell as a horse.

3. Simon Cowell 

Former American Idol judge, Simon Cowell showed that he loved the speed with buying a car the Bugatti Veyron. Simon purchased the luxury car costing U.S. $ 1.7 million or approximately USD 15 billion. Although he bought the car it has a title as the second fastest car in the world, Simon has not been satisfied. British man to enter his name on a waiting list to purchase Cabriolet 100EX. He also has a Ferrari and Rolls Royce Phantom in his garage.

4. Jerry Seinfeld

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld bought his 959 Porsche cars for U.S. $ 700 thousand,. Not only can run fast, silver-colored car that also has a unique design. Moreover, the car was only produced as much as 337 units. But Jerry was not able to drive his favorite for everyday activities because they do not meet emissions requirements in the United States.

5. Nicolas Cage

Actor Nicolas Cage is a celebrity who has a hobby because it is affected by his role in a movie. He became addicted to speed after starring in the movie ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’. A red Ferrari Enzo car bought 46-year-old actor for U.S. $ 670 thousand or approximately USD 5.98 billion. However, due to debt, Nicolas is forced to sell his car.

6. Jay Leno

Comedian Jay Leno is known as celebrity hobby of collecting luxury cars. Mercedes SLR McLaren to be one of the main silver mounts berkelir favorite host of ‘The Jay Leno Show’ it. Besides, he also has a Stanley Steamer Dodge Challenger 1906 and 1970 in his garage.

7. David Beckham

British footballer David Beckham is not arbitrary to choose a vehicle as a horse. Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead black hers purchased for U.S. $ 407 thousand or approximately USD 4.9 billion. Price does not include a specially designed wheels and other accessories.

8. P. Diddy

Rapper’s full name Sean John Combs is spending money that does little to buy a present for his son named Justin. On his birthday the 16th, the singer of ‘I’ll Be Missing’ You had to buy a luxury car costing U.S. $ 360 thousand or approximately USD 3.2 billion.

Paris Hilton bought the Bentley Continental GT pink as a Christmas gift in 2008 for herself. He bought the car in order to realize her childhood dream of a fanatic with a barbie. That’s why she chose the color pink for the car he bought for U.S. $ 285 thousand, or about Rp 2.54 billion.

10. Kim Kardashian

Usually, actress Kim Kardashian Bentley Continental GT driving to accompany the activities. But the star of ‘Disaster Movie’ it looks more ‘hot’ while riding his new car, the Ferrari F430. Kim bought the Italian-made car costing U.S. $ 186,925 or approximately USD 1.69 billion in treatment costs around